Music 4 Cancer Festival

Things just couldn't get any better for Music 4 Cancer and it's organizers. 

Music 4 Cancer is proud to announce that it will hold it's first M4C Fest that will be held during 5 days. The fest will include Punk Rock, Ska, Rock and Emo Core music.

All shows will be held at the Monte Cristo Bar in Ste-Therese. 

The headliners for the fest are: Grimskunk, Ripcordz and The Real McKenzies. 

There will be a $5.00 entry fee for all shows except for the september 3rd show (12$) and 14th where we will charge a $10.00 entry fee. 

All shows are on a first come first serve basis. A reminder that the bar holds a little over 400 places. 

Come on and join the party. Great bands and a lot of fun to be expected. A show like this one has never been presented in the region. Please help us make this M4C Fest a succes.