M4C nominated for NPO of the year!

Touched by the lack of entrepreneurial initiative in Quebec, the Chamber of Commerce created a new category called “The non-profit organization of the year”.

We are proud to have been nominated for this category.

We finished behind Moisson Montréal & Omega Center.

Just the fact that we were nominated was a victory. A huge victory.

We were told by certain members of the Chamber of Commerce that attended the Gala, that they were impressed by our cultural and social implication in the music scene in such a short period of time.

They consider us as being a major non-profit organization in Quebec. This year Music 4 cancer is celebrating its 6th anniversary.

The best is yet to come. We will be back next year.

* Photo Jay Epinat (founder @ M4C) and Chloée Prud'homme Beaudry (sponsors @ M4C)